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Great news! You’ve won another customer. From now until the customer has paid, you need to know the status of this job and what you and your staff should be doing. EZ Job Control is there to monitor this new job and all your existing ones. Just knowing this information will make you and your team more productive as well as being able to keep the customers up to date. Are you using a whiteboard to track job progress? No problem, EZ Job Control comes with built-in digital wallboard to display your current workload in your office or anywhere else that you choose.

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The story of EZ Job Control

I owned a computer repair shop and in the beginning, I knew every customer and the problems they were having with their computers. But when I employed my first member of staff I ended up sticking Post-It notes to all the computers so that we both knew what I had done with each computer. This led to the first version of EZ Job Control allowing all staff to know what was going on within the business as well as improving customer relationships.

More about the story or EZ Job Control can be found here.

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How Can EZ Job Control Help Your Business

Prioritise Work

EZ Job Control displays all the jobs that you have outstanding as well as enabling you to set a few jobs as “high priority”. Jobs with high priority appear at the top of all lists.

Visualise your current workload

All versions of EZ Job Control include a digital wallboard that you can use to display the jobs that you have to process and at what stage they are at. The wallboard does not even have to be in the same building!

Build better customer relationships

With EZ Job Control the information is available to all staff when a customer enquires to how their job is progressing. No more “Sorry but xxx is not in today” replies.

All staff know the currect status of all jobs

Hearing statements around the office along the lines of “How are we getting on with Mr Smith’s job?” are no longer required as all jobs are in one place, EZ Job Control.

Customer history is available to all staff

EZ Job Control keeps all your job history in one place. When a customer returns, you will know exactly what you have done for them in the past.

Celebrate your wins

You can set up a digital wallboard with EZ Job Control that can tell you how many jobs you have won in a period, how many have been completed and this information can be compared against a previous period for all staff to see.

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Who Is Using EZ Job Control?


All accountants have software that enables them to produce the accounts required by HMRC. EZ Job Control is there for the rest of the work schedule; getting the paperwork from the customers, which customers are being processed, accounts waiting for customer approval and which accounts have been submitted to HMRC.

Computer Service Centres

Knowing what each computer is in repair for and the current status of that repair allows BusiFix Computers to schedule new work and give accurate estimates to new customers of how long their repair will take.

Garden Equipment Repairs Centres

Before EZ Job Control, Lee was surrounded by broken garden equipment. When asked how he knew what to work on he replied: “Depends who is shouting the loudest”. Now he can choose what he works on first, the most profitable, the best customer or the piece of equipment that has been in the workshop the longest.

Web Developers

Jobs for web developers range from complete websites down to reworking single paragraphs. All work has to be scheduled,  once the work has been done the customer has to approve before the website can go live and invoice raised. EZ Job Control keeps track of all these stages.


Orders come in and the work scheduled, parts may need to be ordered and received before the manufacturing process can begin. Quality control and user acceptance may be required before the work can be delivered and invoiced.

Recruitment Agencies

Between winning the vacancy and filling the vacancy there are many steps that a recruitment company must follow including writing the the job advert, vetting the candidates, putting candidate CV’s forward, arranging first and maybe second interviews. EZ Job Control can do all this and project the relevant information to a large screen in the office making sure all staff know what is going on.

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